18 Business Models That Investors Really Want to Back

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18 Business Models That Investors Really Want to Back

When it comes to the types of startup concepts that investors are looking to invest in, there is no mystery. Although it can be difficult to enter and establish many different kinds of businesses, many of them are highly investable. You can, however, become the next tech superstar or telecommunications giant with a little hard work and dedication. If you want to start your own business, here are just a few examples of highly investable business types that you should seriously think about.

1. Intelligence by artificial means

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is unquestionably a young field. AI is a revolutionary technology, but there haven’t been any significant advancements to date, so a new company with the right resources and ideas could really shake things up. The military and government, who obviously have a lot of money to invest, often pay attention to promising businesses in this industry.

2. Robotics.

The robotics industry has been around for a long time, but it is definitely not yet at its peak. Worldwide, manufacturing and military applications make extensive use of robotics. The consumer market is the next significant market in which robotics will begin to rapidly develop, and new businesses in this field ought to concentrate their efforts there. One area that really needs to be looked into is adapting military robotics technology for use by consumers. Software is also an important part of robotics, so if you are a seasoned programmer who is interested in robotics, there might be a position for you.

3. Biotech.

The biotech industry has experienced rapid growth over the past year as a result of significant investment and regular breakthroughs. The ultimate goal of the biotech industry is to eradicate disease and preserve human youth forever, which is now almost within reach. However, significant moral issues complicate the Biotech industry. You could become the next big thing in biotech if you have a great idea that is both revolutionary and ethical.

4. Healthcare.

Startups with the ability to save patients money are desperately needed in this industry, particularly in the United States, where healthcare is far too expensive and ineffective. A start-up could make a real difference in the healthcare industry by entering the medical insurance market with a good idea and the right amount of funding. Preventative healthcare and the possibility of innovative solutions from a new startup merit further consideration.

5. Pharmaceuticals.

Medical drugs need to be developed more quickly and for less money, it’s a fact. The market for preventative medicines, in particular, is in dire need of fresh talent and capital right now. Do you want to help others and have a background in pharmaceuticals? If so, then starting a business in this sector might be ideal.

6. Water and food

There is so much added to food and even water in today’s world that many people are beginning to worry about what they are eating. There is a huge market for 100% organic food and drink, and many new businesses are doing very well in this sector. More innovative start-ups are needed in this industry, and investors are eager to back the next big thing.

7. Education.

The world of education today is vastly different from the one I was a part of 15 or so years ago. Education is constantly evolving. The way people teach is being changed by new technologies, which is a good thing because it makes it easier and faster to access a lot of information. There are a lot of opportunities and the potential to really change the way people learn for a new start-up looking to make a contribution to the education sector. There is a lot of room to enter this market and get the backing you need to make your ideas a reality, from apps to digital teaching platforms.

8. Networking infrastructure

The internet isn’t perfect, as many people are aware these days. It is susceptible to numerous threats, including hacking, natural disasters, and government agencies. Security should be a primary focus for startups looking to enter this emerging market. Investors are very interested in anything that makes user data safer.

9. Government.

Believe it or not, starting a company solely to collaborate with the government is a very viable option. Numerous out-of-date and unreliable archiving systems, software solutions, and other infrastructure components are frequently found in governments. Numerous start-ups have received support based on their proposal to areas of government offering ideas to streamline and improve their processes. Do you have a suitable concept or solution?

10. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

VR and augmented reality appear to be more frightening than they are. I have extensive experience working with augmented reality, which has a straightforward concept and numerous applications. These sectors need you if you have experience in this field and the ability to create VR and augmented reality software with business applications. In today’s world, augmented reality and virtual reality are really coming into their own and will only get bigger.

11. Science.

Because many labs are funded by large corporations and governments, it won’t be easy for a start-up to succeed in the scientific community unless you have a lot of money behind you. However, these businesses that receive funding from large organizations typically have to abide by strict rules and are unable to pursue their own research ideas. Therefore, it is definitely possible to establish an independent laboratory, possibly supported by crowd-funding methods, if you have a great idea or ideas.

12. Transportation.

New businesses can enter the personal and public transportation market and make an impact as a result of the recent massive shift toward small autonomous vehicles that run on clean energy and are efficient to operate. During the current and early stages of the industry, novel ideas are welcomed. Apple and Google, to name a few, are among the other players presently investigating concepts in this field. Don’t let this put you off because they aren’t the best at this. In years to come, smaller, independent businesses will be the big players.

13. Programming.

Since the beginning, programming has been the ideal field in which new businesses can quickly and easily establish themselves. Even though there is a significant shortage of talent in the industry, there is unquestionably room for more. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to succeed; anyone working from home can become the next big thing quickly if their idea is good.

14. Diversity.

It is a sad fact that certain demographics have historically had lower levels of social and financial success. This need not be the case, and start-up businesses can make a significant contribution to altering this dynamic, particularly in the educational system and workplace.

15. Developing Nations

Start-ups have a lot of opportunities in developing nations; poor logistics and infrastructure, combined with a high demand for improvement, are the ideal conditions for a start-up’s success.

16. Software for companies.

The enterprise (software for businesses) software market moves more slowly than the consumer software market. The inefficient and expensive software that medium- to large-sized businesses frequently use really needs to be improved. A start-up has a lot of options with better software for businesses, especially if you can sell the advantages of increased efficiency and lower costs.

17. Services related to money

Investment advice startups that target low- to middle-income individuals will find a wide range of opportunities in the financial services industry. Although it is erroneously assumed that people with less disposable income have no need for investment advice and services, there is an untapped market with a lot of potential.

18. Telecommunications.

We now have Skype and Whatsapp, which make it simple and quick to communicate with people far away, but what comes next? Since there are no imminent breakthroughs, a start-up with a good idea could really make a difference in this industry.

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