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Lower latency and greater flexibility are network characteristics that will enable the development of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things only works when devices connect to the Internet. Based on this observation, one can guess that the importance of 5G for the development of the IoT in the coming years will be outstanding. 5G is the first network designed to operate with low latency and response times ten times faster than the 4G network. 5G is the solution experts are working on to more efficiently connect autonomous cars, refrigerators to be programmed and buildings that communicate with airplanes in many ways.

According to a market study, there will be more than 20 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2020 and the current networks will not be sufficient to transmit the large amount of data that is already continuously generated.5G appears to be a solution capable of effectively absorbing simultaneous connections with lower energy consumption. It is a network programmed to be responsive in real-time, scalable and versatile. 4G is an evolution of 3G with greater bandwidth and faster speed but with the same ecosystem, while 5G has new software developed to enable a whole range of applications emerging from this ecosystem.

The 5G network was originally designed for a latency of no more than 1 millisecond, today it is 10 milliseconds, causing many devices to connect and disconnect from the network when they are not working. The new network must meet critical requirements that require very short response times.An autonomous car today needs 3 meters to stop from the moment it receives the propulsion from the car brake, only corresponding to the response time of 4G. With 5G, this braking distance would be a matter of centimeters.

Rising demand for 5G will change the direction of investments for telecom operators, which today are focused on supporting people-to-people communications. The Internet of Things opens up a new market where operators have great opportunities to increase their revenues.