Advantages and disadvantages of vue.js:

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Advantages and disadvantages of vue.js:

Vue.js is an easy to learn framework that has some of the best documentation compared to other major frameworks. Additionally, there is a large active community member helping Vue.js to become a great JavaScript framework. seen.js has a library called Vuex. makes it easier for developers to manage state in Vue.js. State management is very important for large applications. State management allows developers to reduce code size and simplify application.

Vue.js also has similar features called props. With props, a developer can easily pass a value from one component to another with a single line of code. For example, if a user logs in and is redirected to another page, and you want to display their name without using the database, you can just use a prop component. A prop allows you to get the username from the login page and display it on another page.

Vue.js has its own server-side rendering frameworks. Server-side rendering is an important requirement if you want to rank your website on Google. Vue.js has not one, but two different server-side rendering frameworks.One of them is Nuxt.js and the other is Quasar. If you are planning to rank your website on Google, choosing one of these platforms could be the right option.

Speaking of cons of Vue.js, it’s a new framework that isn’t backed by any big names.For example, Angular is powered and used by Google while React is powered and powered by Facebook. There are fewer jobs for Vue.js developers. If you are a Vue developer, you might have to try harder to get a full-time job as there are many companies working on React.js and the Angular framework.