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Amadeus Consulting Shares   to Successful







Social media and social media marketing are a specialty of Amadeus Consulting in developing strategies for our clients and we are often asked: what is the value of that? How can I really understand? Do I have to set it and forget? Believe it or not, a strategic social media marketing strategy can make a world of difference to your business (rather than being an internship job that will never see the light of day).

Unfortunately, a lack of strategy and understanding of the social media space at many companies is leading to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter becoming a fad around the world, an empty profile in a crowded space. What are the keys to social media marketing? Goals, Metrics, Consistency & Interview. After reading Michele Hinojosa’s excellent article “Social Media Analytics:

Moving from Engagement to Measurement” and developing key strategies for our clients, we felt compelled to share the keys to the lock on social media. Goals One of the biggest mistakes people make in social media marketing is hype because so many competitors and other companies are using it but failing to build a structure and set of goals around it. This way of “following the Jones mentality” can be dangerous, as time and money can be wasted without great results or benefits.One of the key questions to answer as you develop your strategy is: What is the purpose of using social media?

You can select multiple destinations; The truth is that social media marketing can improve many aspects of your business. Typical social media strategy goals include: , Benchmarking against the competition , • Passive brand awareness , • Active lead generation , Link building opportunity , Customer retention , • Research , Metrics , How do you measure success ? It’s a constant struggle in the marketing world. We look forward to trying new ways to advance our organizations, but we rarely define the metrics of success.In Michele Hinojosa’s article, he discusses several important ways to create metrics around goals. Some of these possibilities include: