Berry Producer Finds More Value in SIMBA

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Berry Producer Finds More Value in SIMBA


Kirkland, WA May 20, 2021 When Sara Osborne bought Peters Cranberries, her father-in-law’s blueberry farm on Oregon’s Foggy Coast, in 2007, she didn’t anticipate that blueberry prices would soon drop 80 percent, shocking the entire industry . However, since this was the case, Sara breathed a sigh of relief when she finally signed a major deal with one of the largest fruit packaging companies in the world.

However, this company required barcode labels on each box. Sara purchased a labeling system and chose Simba from Dynamic Systems, Inc., which combines robust barcode software with a full suite of touchscreen printers, scanners and tablets. “I didn’t bother with frills back then,” he says. “I just wanted labels.” However, as the industry has changed again over the years, Sara has found that order volume changes more, even as the number of customers increases.

What used to be a simple business of delivering standardized packages to a few major customers has become much more complicated. Peters Cranberries soon added other fruit from other growers and turned their processing center into a transhipment center.In addition, the company had to meet the demand for special types of berries, such as for sauces. As the challenges mounted, Simba proved his true worth. “I’m addicted,” Sarah said.

“I realized that our tagging system can also help me keep up with fast-moving inventory because once something is barcoded, data entry is no longer required. And the system makes it easy to track, organize and repackage when needed, and keeps excellent records of multiple orders at once. “I bought SIMBA for labelling, but loved it for inventory management. “A manufacturer we work with was amazed at my paperwork as they continued to process orders as before, with lots of spreadsheets and notes for everyone.” Now she wants to buy it herself!