Best Practices to Secure Your Organization

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Best Practices to Secure Your Organization

Open source software inherently has vulnerabilities and developer backdoors that make it easier for hackers to hijack source code, especially since vulnerabilities are listed on the National Database on Vulnerabilities (NVD) and other public forums. Disclosure of code and its vulnerabilities, while helping developers to debug and create patches, does not uncover all potential security risks. However, organizations can stay informed and follow simple protocols, policies, and best practices to prevent all known threats.

Keep a complete inventory of all open source software. Deploy secure software scanning tools to identify, track and monitor open source threats and vulnerabilities in your environment and generate critical alerts. Keep open source software and components up to date. Prevent intrusion, system intrusion and malicious activity.Create a Q&A policy to prohibit copying and pasting code snippets from open source repositories into internal components without first checking the snippets for vulnerabilities. Create, review and enforce open source security policies.

Establish contingency plans, update and continuously review security policies to identify vulnerabilities, and prepare for investigating the consequences of a security breach with forensic investigations. Employ a dedicated DevOps security policy team. Detect and map all open source software for known vulnerabilities, collaborate on Q&A, and provide ongoing developer training on internal policies and external security threats.

Identify licensing and infringement risks. Track open source software and components for possible intellectual property infringement. Educate developers and legal advisors and provide open source compliance questions and answers to avoid intellectual property infringement and litigation. Best Open Source Test Automation Tool and Best Practices Snyk Open Source is a powerful open source security management platform. Gartner, Reddit, Segment, Acuity and others offer complete security. Shortly after implementing Snyk Open Source, these companies saw an increase in productivity. Their teams accelerated application development while easily securing development pipelines.