BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Before the era of mobile technology, wealth management was difficult and tedious. Today this is no longer necessary. with BLE solutions and asset inspection management. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology has established itself in both the consumer and professional sectors, offering innovative and highly beneficial applications. Mobile technology in the form of smartphones and tablets can now be paired with BLE beacons/devices and used to capture information about any asset.

Like barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags, BLE uses similar technology but at a higher level. Rather than acting as a passive device that would typically require the user to get very close to an object, the BLE has a much longer range.By using a low-power broadcast transmitter to nearby devices, the range can be extended from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters. BLE is widely available for use with iOS and Android devices and has the potential to truly transform the way you control and manage your assets.

Instead of effectively pressing the phone on the RFID card or scanning the QR code up close, the examiner/operator can be at a greater distance. While it may seem like a trivial difference, the sees profound changes in the way inspection and maintenance is performed when many devices are outside the normal range. Considering anything that could be visually inspected from more than an arm’s length away, BLE energy would enable data and information capture where regular barcodes or RFID might not be as fast/capable.

Like barcodes and QR codes, BLE tags are often designed to withstand harsh environments due to their small size, light weight, and long battery life.This means that any digital controller can rely on these tags to work, regardless of the physical environment or installation in which they are used.