Commercial Security Systems

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Commercial Security Systems

There are many commercial security companies to choose from, but not all will be right for your business. A business differs significantly from a residence in terms of security system requirements. It’s important to choose a security company that installs primarily (or all) commercial systems, not primarily home systems. The responsibility and strict requirements for the company are higher, and the skills are very different from those of a security company.

Commercial security systems generally include three types of systems.We like to call them “pillars”; Insurance. There are several popular security systems that businesses can use in commercial installations. Since not every business requires every type of system, it pays to consult an office security installer who can conduct a security audit to determine the specific needs of your premises. Here are the most commonly used office security systems:

Access Control An access control system determines who has access to office buildings and commercial spaces, usually with authorized credentials that can open doors. CCTV & Security Cameras Commercial building cameras allow security teams to see what’s happening in key areas and video monitor office security. Alarm Systems Office alarm systems can deter criminal activity by alerting employees to a violation.

Alarms can be linked directly to office door locking mechanisms and the security system, or triggered by events on the premises. Sensors Door contact sensors are installed in businesses to alert them when doors are left open or ajar. Some companies may use infrared, laser or microwave sensors for advanced security of commercial buildings in high security areas. Fire and Emergency Response System In order to meet applicable local safety requirements, commercial building safety systems must include adequate fire protection, such as: B. A fire alarm system and installed emergency detection devices.