Creating Your StumbleUpon Strategy

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Creating Your StumbleUpon Strategy

Without a strategy, no business building tool is truly effective. With a strategy, you can not only create a plan of action, but also measure your success. And like any other business building tool, when using StumbleUpon to grow your business, drive traffic, and build awareness, it’s important to start with strategy. Here are five steps to successfully creating a StumbleUpon strategy: #1 What are your StumbleUpon goals? Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have measurable metrics.

You can track how many followers you have. You can follow posts and retweets. StumbleUpon also provides a number of measurable data points, including the number of pages stumbled. However, we hope that your StumbleUpon goals exceed the limited data provided by StumbleUpon. They can sound like I want to increase my website traffic by 10% with StumbleUpon, or they can be more general profit goals or opt-in list numbers.Before using StumbleUpon, decide what you want to use it for.

What are your goals? #2 How do you effectively communicate your brand personality? StumbleUpon offers users the ability to create profiles and interact and connect with other users. It’s a powerful thing!However, it is also important to ensure that you represent a consistent brand image or personality in all of your business development tactics. The image you present to your blog or Facebook followers should match your image on StumbleUpon.

Before you start participating, decide what the image is if you don’t already know it, and plan how to keep it consistent. #3 How will you interact on StumbleUpon? , StumbleUpon users, like many other social media users, bloggers, and even content creators, are sometimes naive about their commitment to success.In order for StumbleUpon to work effectively, you need to be involved in the community. You have to interact. Plan how often you will interact before using this tool.