development direction of artificial intelligence

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development direction of artificial intelligence

The first trend is that all IT giants will implement AI cloud services. AI-a-a-S, which stands for AI as a Service, will be the future trend. Artificial intelligence is the future. It’s an obvious fact. New and old IT giants are not only actively using AI in their own companies, but also use cloud computing platforms to provide AI services to third parties. On the supply side, IT giants are making it clear that they will keep data on the platform for the same amount of time as long as third parties use their platforms and that data will be a big data mine.

the age of artificial intelligenceOn the demand side, these application companies can use the AI ​​cloud services provided by large companies to increase their competitiveness. So it is a win-win partnership for AI service providers and companies using AI services. The second trend is that AI companies, new and old, will compete fiercely for smart inputs.

In the age of the Internet, almost every submission will lead to a contest and the winner of each contest becomes the next giant. For example in Web2.0, the rise of interactive social networks created a social networking site and created Facebook and Tencent. The age of artificial intelligence is no exception. After fierce competition, the next great super company will inevitably emerge. In the age of artificial intelligence, the most important service portal is natural language voice interaction.

Natural language processing will be the primary mode of human-computer interaction.The winner will be the one who gets the machine to understand human language better. Artificial intelligence will completely surround every aspect of our lives, which means that the competition for AI portals is getting tougher and the earlier you participate and the more users you have, the better your chances of winning.