Facebook page vs Landing Page

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Facebook page vs Landing Page






This is a truly intriguing question that we could talk about endlessly. Both have their strengths and both deserve to be included in your online marketing mix. I guess it’s easier to manage… How can you use both Facebook and landing pages to grow your subscriber list? We’ll see how a Facebook page can help you.

Facebook Page It only takes a few minutes to register and create a Facebook Page. However, quite frankly, many websites fail to attract the attention of visitors to sign up.Keep this in mind when creating a page that will be visible to others. Before we go any further into how to do that, I want to start by saying that one of the things I really like about Facebook Pages is that they’re easy to “like”; and opened after logging in to Facebook.

While Facebook doesn’t have a simple email signup page that seems to get a lot of likes; on your posts or on the wall. Show that you have something important to share with your audience and get them to subscribe. However, there is another way to format Facebook Page for capturing emails.You can create a mini page on your Facebook Page using images and hyperlinks. You can even choose any card as the starting card that visitors will pay attention to.

You can take advantage of this feature by creating a kind of “landing page” that visitors see before they click the main tab. On this landing page tab, you can place a login box with an eye-catching header. A good example is the Daily Worth Facebook page.With a large subscriber base, Daily Worth is a website for women to talk about finance. As stated on their website, the home page is a squeeze page tab that asks for your email address.