Facebook Training Tips to Generate Leads

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Facebook Training Tips to Generate Leads

Facebook is a social community. In order to thrive in Facebook, you must socialize and participate in this community. Start applying these simple facebook training tips to generate free targeted leads. You want to be sure to: Add Value, Be Honest, and Do Not Pitch Your Business Just remember, if you are too aggressive, Facebook will ban your account.

INVITE FRIENDS YOU ALREADY KNOW A great way to start building your friends list is to invite people you already know.Even if you don’t think they’ll be interested in your offer. You never know if maybe one of her friends. Think back to high school. Dig up that old yearbook and see if your classmates are on Facebook. Don’t forget your classmates either. Also consider any past or current clubs, sports teams, religious groups or organizations to which you belong.

Reconnecting with people you already know will earn you Trusted Friend status in the Facebook community. Join Your Target Market Groups Join as many great groups as you like. Thirty should be enough. You want to join groups related to your target market. There are two ways to find groups to join. Use the search field. There is a search box in the top right corner of Facebook.

Since I’m a network marketer, I use MLM as the group type. Type MLM and a list of groups will appear.Use the filter to view groups by size, from largest to smallest. Accept group invites. Check your Facebook home page in the top right corner of the “Requests” section. All group invites will appear here. Click the invite icon and a list of groups that have sent invites will appear. You want to join groups with like-minded people. So check the group information page to make sure this is really the group you want to join.