Five ways to make rejection work for you.

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Five ways to make rejection work for you.

Everyone has been there. You apply for a job, but you are turned down. You give a presentation at work with the expectation that everyone will be supportive, but it is met with silence. You might want to raise money for a new social enterprise or business. After that, you get the email or letter letting you know that your application has been turned down.

In any case, many people take rejection personally. Furthermore, many of us say, “Don’t worry. It’s not about me.” Yes, there are personal moments. However, you can continue moving forward even after receiving rejection or a series of rejections.

It all comes down to perspective. To overcome obstacles in life, keep your mind in the right frame of mind.

Give yourself time to grow.

Give yourself permission to feel a little hurt if you were turned down for an opportunity you really wanted. Only humans exist. Our wounds—in this case, our ego—may require some time to heal. But don’t stay too long there. You gained knowledge from the experience. Concentrate on that and be aware of how to modify or adjust things in the future.

You’re in it together.

You’re in the game if you get rejected. You are not doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw’s “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it” is one of my favorite quotes. Consider the number of times you’ve heard the crowd behind you complain that you can’t possibly move to that city or apply for that job. Whatever it is, it does not matter. There is always a group of critics. You know what, I’d rather try, fail, learn, and try again than sit back and watch. You are in the game if you are rejected. Keep having fun.

Make a plan for the fight.

When we are rejected, we naturally want to feel bad about ourselves. It is a natural instinct for survival. There may be a desire to run away and hide. However, rejection can actually serve as an opportunity to inspire us. The energy that rises up when you are rejected on a goal, for instance, can be channeled positively. It’s a chance to learn how you can make things better. It gives you an opportunity to become more strategic, just like a boxer would in a fight in the ring.

Positive aspect.

In life, there are times when we have a goal that, despite our best efforts, does not appear to be achieving our expectations. Don’t be so arrogant that you think you know what to expect. You should take a moment to listen to what life is trying to tell you at times. People who are married have tried and tried while their partner has been gone for a long time. Consider this denial as a positive aspect. Even if it’s for the sake of the children or the money, you shouldn’t be anywhere you don’t want to be. Even if things aren’t going your way, there might be some good in them. Observe it.

All of it is temporary.

This world has no permanence. It’s only temporary when you feel like the whole world is conspiring against you, no matter how long you’re going through something. This will also pass. All of it does. Even though you don’t get what you want, rejection is only temporary. When you receive that “No,” it already belongs in the past. Regroup. Rethink the situation. Create a strategy and move on. In a situation that is only temporary, do not dwell on the past. Learn how to move forward.

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