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Is Twitter dead? Probably not. Twitter gives Google full access to your tweets. Twitter uses this traffic without accessing the platform. If you are a blogger, marketer or entrepreneur, Twitter should be part of your overall social media campaign.Tweeting is important for brand awareness, relationship building and a powerful tool for change.

While Twitter offers its analytics to everyone, many don’t take full advantage of it. In addition to tweeting, here are some basics you can know about a Twitter account and all hidden messages. Basic Twitter Analytics Panel In mid-2014, Twitter opened up its analytics platform to all users. Anyone with a Twitter ID has full access to the gold mine. You can get a lot of information from the dashboard,

e.g. B. Impressions, engagement rate, link clicks, etc. But first you need to understand the definition of each metric in order to make your metrics meaningful. Twitter blog packs a punch. If your Twitter campaign aims to increase views, you need to monitor that particular metric and find the best way to improve views. Keep an eye on each indicator and compare the data to previous months.You will know if you are doing everything right because you will see steady growth.

Now take a closer look at the details of each tweet, you will find even more hidden messages. If your business focuses on this link, run A/B tests on it. Monitor key metrics by writing different headlines, adding a different hashtag or image, and finding the best way to maximize your tweet’s reach. Analyzing these stats is the first step in evaluating your Tweet’s performance. In March 2015, Twitter launched a new account homepage. This page saves you a lot of time by providing a monthly summary of your Twitter activity.