Get to Know Wi- Fi and Wireless Network

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Get to Know Wi- Fi and Wireless Network








About eight types of Wi-Fi networks are used on the Internet around the world. Commercial and personal use has evolved due to its scale and scope, networking industry preferences, and design and implementation. In Wi-Fi network technology, LAN and WAN are the two most well-known and used terms. A local area network, or LAN for short, was originally developed for communication between two computers.

Control the communication process over network cards and cables.This was followed by the concept of a wireless local area network or WLAN, made popular by the LAN concept. WLANs use WLAN cards to communicate with your computer. With Wi-Fi networks, no cables are required for communication. In the Wi-Fi world, the original network is the LAN. Later, due to increasing demands, other networks were founded.

Here are the new Wi-Fi networks: • CAN This is short for Campus Area Network, Controller Area Network, and often Cluster Area Network. The campus area network is used to create multi-LAN networks. However, if you compare CAN to MAN, the former is smaller than the Metropolitan Area Network. This type of wireless network is commonly used in buildings, relatively large universities or local offices. •

DAN – The Desk Area Network, DAN for short, is a multimedia workstation that is supported via an ATM connection. ATM cells are sent using a switch to facilitate communication between peripheral devices, between the processor and its main memory. • MAN – MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network. The MAN network offers no advantages in daily use, but is frequently used by certain authorities and government organizations. This type of wireless metro network is in the middle of LAN and WAN. • PAN – PAN is a personal network. A personal network is created for communication between computing devices.