How To Choose The Right Provider

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How To Choose The Right Provider

I guess you wish IT support and IT were the same – fast, affordable and reliable. In many cases you may need to pick two points from this triangle. Once you start you will be satisfied with the IT support. However, there are a few things you can check to start your search. Contract Flexibility/Ad Hoc Most IT service providers offer monthly contracts that provide unlimited support (remote or on-site or both) for a fixed fee or a fixed amount where you pay an ad hoc fee .

Additionally, they can offer full ad hoc support for a higher fee, but without a contract. What you need is flexibility. If the company offers no-obligation ad hoc support and minimal or preferably no setup/administration costs, you can try the company yourself. What about contract blocking periods in the future? Of course, acquiring a new customer involves administrative work, but does that justify a three, six or even twelve month notice period for your service contract?

And surely you are wondering in the back of your mind why they need such locks when your satisfaction with their services should be the last and only lock? Location Location is important in most cases. While this is hopefully rare, serious problems can occur that can cause your entire network to go down. You need onsite IT support to fix the issue and they need to be onsite to fix the issue.

While you’ll undoubtedly have an SLA for how long you can expect responses, actual response time will depend on a few factors, including location.The workload is different. Their approach to SLAs is different. They may want to be there as early as possible to make a good impression for the customer, or they may want to wait a bit so the customer doesn’t feel like they’re getting a better response than they did. We pay and get started to expect it in the future.