How To Prevent Others Access your Network

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How To Prevent Others Access your Network







As the title suggests, there may be many friends who have this problem. Here are 7 ways to secure your wireless network. Change the SSID information and block the broadcast. Disable SSID broadcast. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of finding a particular closed method. For more information, see the router configuration interface. Using a WPA2-PSK Encrypted Wireless Network Use the AES WPA2-PSK algorithm to encrypt and set the longest possible password.

Use uppercase and lowercase letters, number and symbol combinations to increase the difficulty of breaking others.And set the group key update cycle to 12-24 hours (too short may result in wireless connection exception), which may increase the difficulty of password cracking. It should be noted that the WEP-WPA encryption algorithms have already been corrected. If your old network card does not support WPA2, you should try to use WPA encryption and a password with capital letters, numbers and lowercase letters and a combination of symbols, which can also play the role of cryptography.

Reduce signal transmission power. Reduce signal transmission power. Wireless devices (e.g. a wireless gateway router) can reduce the possibility of detection. The antenna surrounded by cans, etc. can transmit signals in the direction of transmission, reducing the likelihood of the other direction signal, you can also adjust with the adjustable power router (DD-WRT, TOMATO firmware also has this function). Open MAC address filter Add all your computers to MAC whitelist and block access for other clients.

Also note that the filter cannot prevent 100% network interference. MAC address is sent in clear text, data transmission may lead to MAC address interception and others may change MAC address and access. Channel Setting Generic routers default to channel 6. When many routers default to channel 6 with limited disk space, the signal is very weak and users may not be able to connect to the router. Therefore, please set a channel other than 6. But there are also channels 1,13,14, so these channels should be avoided, use the middle of the channel, for example: 3-4,8-11. Reduce your chances of being found.