How To Use StumbleUpon For Better Traffic

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How To Use StumbleUpon For Better Traffic

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. It is also a social networking site that allows people to interact and create profiles. With these two unique aspects, StumbleUpon is a fantastic tool for marketing your business. Let’s look at five strategies you can use StumbleUpon to raise awareness of your business.

#1 Stumbling Through the Pages of Your Website While this isn’t the first thing you’ll do when you start using StumbleUpon, at some point you can and should stumble across certain pages on your website.However, there are some tactics that guarantee the best results. First, don’t hit every page on your site. This will eventually delete them all and this is pretty transparent. Instead, he only comes across your best sides, sides that other people are likely to come across as well. Also, you want to link to specific pages of the site, not the home page.

#2 Profile Creation When you create your StumbleUpon profile, you will be prompted to select topics. Topics are the categories that you want to fall into or fall intothe topics that interest you. In this step, select the topics on which you would like to position yourself as an expert. Select the topics you research and see if your audience or market is most interested. This is especially important when approving your websites.After adding the most obvious tag to your page, you can add up to four more tags with your keywords.

Each tag must not contain more than 3 words (maximum: 32 characters with spaces), separated by a space. #4 Integrating StumbleUpon with other strategies and social media profiles StumbleUpon allows users to link their Stumbled reviews and pages to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can basically increase brand awareness of a social networking site three times over with this cool feature.