How We Measure Software Quality

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How We Measure Software Quality

Measuring software quality is an essential part of software development. Ensures software is bug free, meets required performance standards, is secure and easy to use. However, in order to measure software quality, developers need to know what metrics to use. In this article, we look at the four basic categories of software quality metrics and when to measure them. We will also discuss how developers maintain the quality of software code and how the QA team measures the quality of software code.

Four Basic Categories of Software Quality Indicators Software quality indicators can be technical in nature, but they can be narrowed down to four basic categories. These are code quality, performance, security and usability. code quality code quality denotes error-free and semantically correct code. Quantitative quality metrics measure the size and complexity of the software, the number of lines and features it contains, and the number of bugs per 1,000 lines of code.

Qualitative measurements of code quality measure maintainability, readability, clarity, efficiency, and documentation.These metrics measure how easy your code is to read, understand, and conform to coding standards. Performance performance metrics measure whether the software is doing its job and functioning properly. This also applies to the resource consumption of the application, its scalability, customer satisfaction and response times. Security software security metrics measure the intrinsic security of the software and ensure that no unauthorized changes are made to the product when it is delivered to the customer.

Ease of Use Ease of Use refers to whether software is functional and easy to use.This is an important quality indicator as all software products are created with the end user in mind. We also ensure that the customer is satisfied with the features and performance. When to Measure Software Quality Software development and QA (QA) teams work together to ensure software is of the highest quality. The QA team tests the product after it is developed.