Interlocking Plenum Armored Fiber Cable

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Interlocking Plenum Armored Fiber  Cable


As technology advances, the need for better data throughput increases. Therefore, optical fibers are gradually replacing copper wires as the backbone of the network. These cables are routed in overhead ducts, ducts, or buried. Therefore, they are vulnerable to damage when bending over under the influence of excessive physical exertion or being bitten by rodents and parasites. To protect cables laid under extreme conditions, cable manufacturers have also developed a special range of armored fiber optic cables.

The fiber core is protected by aluminum armor that spirals over the Kevlar fiber(s) to protect the cable from pinching. The armored fiber optic cable with coiled aluminum armor typically installed in the headspace of the building is called armored fiber optic cable with interlocking plenum. Construction standard fiber optic cables have a glass core surrounded by a denser jacket and a PVC jacket for protection. Armored fiber optic cables take this a step further and feature a flame retardant aramid yarn between the jacket and the PVC outer jacket.

The aluminum jacket is spirally braided over the PVC jacket.As you can see in the image below, the aluminum jacket has grooves that protect the cable from pinching without restricting the flexibility of the cable. Because of the way the ribs “lock” to the previous edge, these cables are referred to as “interlocking shielded fiber optic cables.” How to terminate a cable Due to the construction of the cable, traditional termination methods cannot be used directly. Instead, a special tool called BX & The armored cable cutter is used to cut the outer aluminum armor to gain access to the inner fiber.

After removing the outer jacket, exposing the aluminum jacket, the tool is tightened.Then, by turning the spindle, a small circular knife cuts through the rebar and creates a small gap. Bending the cable slightly, the armor separates to reveal the inner PVC jacket which can be terminated to accept connectors.