Laravel Debugbar

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Laravel Debugbar

Laravel is the best framework for debugging any website or application. Many thanks to the Laravel Debugbar tool. It is usually displayed at the bottom of the browser and contains debug information telling you what to debug. The Queries tab of this Laravel debug toolbar shows the total number of queries run. The debug bar also shows models rendered with the parameters passed and the path called.In this tool, developers also have the option to add messages using Facade, which will be displayed in the Message tab.

Laravel Forge: Laravel Forge is a web application configuration tool that automates project creation using a PHP server. Several cool and interesting features: Laravel Forge database backup by installing SSL certificates in seconds, standard security, easy and quick configuration of the required DSH keys, free SSL certificates, automatic configuration, allows to restart any service and more. Laravel Vapor: Laravel Vapor is a serverless, auto-scaling web application deployment tool that, as the name suggests, is used within the Laravel framework.

From automatic scaling of network or queuing infrastructure to database management, recovery and availability implementation, automatic resource download, Redis cache management, environment variable or secret management, DNS management, custom web application domains and much more are supported by Para Laravel.

Laravel Entrust: whenever you hear the term “trust”; In the PHP development environment, this means a method for adding role-based permissions. With this particular Laravel tool, developers can easily create four tables like:- Role Tables to store roles’ permission records to store all permission records Permission _Role Table to store many-to-many relationships between permissions and roles