Need to Know About SPA Framework

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Need to Know About SPA Framework




In the last decade, the use of Javascript has grown exponentially. This eventually paved the way for many innovative JavaScript libraries and frameworks. One such JavaScript framework is Vue.js. This is a newer JavaScript framework that has been used by many developers and Vue in such a short time.js has become quite a popular framework all over the world.

In this article we cover everything related to Vue.js. But first, let’s discuss what a JavaScript framework is and why these frameworks are important. Consider that you host a social networking site where you frequently use JavaScript.Various functions may be present on this page, e.g. B. Profile picture, commenting on other posts, creating posts and others. If someone on your Page changed their profile picture, all places they’ve commented on and all posts they’ve liked should show the new profile picture.

Doing these things in a simple JavaScript page is difficult. This is why developers have introduced JavaScript frameworks. These JavaScript frameworks are difficult to understand and learn, but once you get to know them, they will make things easier for you.Based on these concepts, many JS frameworks have been introduced to the world. Some well-known JS frameworks are Vue.js, React, js, Angular.js, Node.js and many more.In this article, we will discuss the Vue.js framework.

What is vue.js? seen.js is a single page application framework used for front-end development purpose. It’s much more similar to other major front-end platforms like React.js and Angular. Vue.js shares many similarities with these two frameworks.For example, React has a library called Redux and Vue.js has a similar library called Vuex. Apart from that, the other similar key features of these frameworks are robust, lightweight and easy to implement.