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Network Inventory Software


A prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the company is the good condition of IT resources. Therefore, all of the company’s software and hardware must be regularly inventoried. The system administrator should monitor the operation of the computer hardware and ensure that all parts of the computer are present and functioning normally. The administrator must review and control the software licenses and programs installed on the computers.

If the PCs are connected to a local area network, the inventory problem can be easily solved by using network inventory software. With the Network Inventory Tool, you can easily create a network inventory database. Install it only on the system administrator’s computer and add management and inventory computers to the program’s inventory database. You can then access almost all of your computer’s hardware and software information over the network.

You can collect all information remotely without leaving your home and without distracting your colleagues. This saves you nerves and time. First of all, a good network inventory tool should not only collect computer inventory data, but also allow the administrator to track all changes made to the software. Once a network user installs or uninstalls a new application, the network inventory software monitors all changes made to the software and records them in the inventory change log.

You should be able to generate different reports for a single computer or a group of computers on the network. You can still get detailed information about the installed software, including application authors, program size, and installation dates. You must also verify your software licenses and serial numbers.It is illegal to use unlicensed software. Therefore, make sure that the number of copies you install does not exceed the number of licenses you own. A good network IT inventory software should support license checking.