Network Monitor Helps Improving LAN Reliability

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Network Monitor Helps Improving LAN Reliability










The main task of the system administrator is to maintain all company computers and to keep the network devices in good working order. This problem cannot be solved without using a network monitor. Most network monitoring programs rely on regular self-tests of the performance of individual services, ports, and protocols. The most common method is to send specific ICMP packets to a remote host and wait for a response (ping) from it.

One of the most important parameters of the device, which is considered from the point of view of network monitoring, is the device response time.It allows you to analyze the operation of the device on the network and detect possible bottlenecks and errors in the data transfer process. There are many network monitoring methods and the choice depends on the activities performed by the device. For example, a web server can be monitored using the HTTP protocol. Switches are usually monitored via SNMP etc. How a network monitor can help a system administrator and why you need to monitor your corporate network regularly.

Reduce your IT costs. With Network Monitor, you can minimize the time it takes to identify and fix errors, thereby conserving the company’s financial resources. Network Monitor improves network performance. By using a network monitoring program, the system administrator does not have to manually check the operation of each network device. Network Monitor saves the administrator time that can be spent on increasing network performance, improving company information security and more. build customer loyalty.

Customers don’t just leave because of a bad service experience. As a rule, the customer leaves the service due to regular disruptions in the functioning of the service. That’s why it’s so important to eliminate not only major disruptions, but also minor downtimes as quickly as possible. Network Monitor helps you improve device reliability and build customer loyalty to your business.