Network Monitoring for SNMP Equipment

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Network Monitoring for  SNMP Equipment











Today’s managed service providers and operators are often faced with the task of managing non-standard network devices such as video servers, power generators and uninterruptible power supplies, as well as devices to monitor the data center environment. Most legacy network management and monitoring systems were designed to process metrics and events from a previously known range of SNMP-compliant network devices.

For example, almost all surveillance systems are used to retrieve data from Cisco routers and servers. Additionally, the data processing capabilities for standard metrics are hard-coded into these systems. However, using such systems to manage rare and non-standard devices is always troublesome.In most cases, this requires editing complex scripts or XML files and manually entering SNMP OID values ​​found in MIB files provided by device manufacturers.

After that, it’s still difficult to create tools and data processing chains for this non-standard data, since most existing tools are also hard-coded and allow very limited customization. AggreGate Network Manager offers a completely different approach to monitoring and managing custom network devices. The system is based on the well-known cross-industry device management platform AggreGate, which provides a complete infrastructure for searching, processing, managing and visualizing all types of device data. The AggreGate platform is ideal for handling complex data types such as SNMP tables.The platform includes two visual editors (Report Editor and GUI Builder) from the field of industrial automation (which actually have almost no standard tasks!). These editors, in combination with numerous server-side data processing modules and an advanced system architecture, enable you to create multi-tier, highly available and distributed management and monitoring systems.

Not all preconfigured AggreGate Network Manager data processing and presentation tools are built into the system. These tools can be modified visually to allow for custom metrics.And of course you can design completely new processing modules, dashboards, dynamic maps and custom interfaces. OEMs and VARs can take advantage of the unique branding and customization opportunities offered by the AggreGate platform. Network Manager installation packages and product documentation can be renamed to completely hide traces of the original creator, allowing network device manufacturers to connect the system to their own devices.