Omni-Channel Loyalty Programs

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Omni-Channel Loyalty Programs

Traditional loyalty programs reward spending rather than engagement. They are single-channel and card-based, with customers receiving measurable benefits such as a discount or free product. With this approach, traditional loyalty programs appear as cheap money to the customer. These benefits are only available to loyal customers who have entered the store and made a purchase. They rarely reward behaviors that bring them to the store.

If customers have a wallet full of different loyalty cards, the loyalty effect will be canceled. Multi-Channel Approach Multi-Channel Loyalty combines innovative technology and customer experience to deliver the right offers at the right time and bring customers back to the brand, where, when and how they buy. “A good customer experience can be defined as a fluid and satisfying interaction with the brand at every touch point.

“It goes beyond one-dimensional discounts and instead offers deeply personal and authentic customer experiences that lead to stronger customer loyalty and higher spending,” says tech megacorp Oracle in its Omnichannel Loyalty study. Multi-Channel Loyalty Maximize loyalty across multiple channels with real time campaigns.Integrate all customer transactions and interactions into a unified brand experience. Redesigning the entire experience is key to creating a truly seamless customer experience, based on brand loyalty rather than just maximizing point value.

“According to McKinsey, 75% of shoppers have tried a new retailer, brand or behavior during the pandemic, and up to 83% expect these new features to remain after the pandemic. That means loyalty is within reach and customer retention is now paramount. How to design a multi-channel loyalty strategy? Be Where Your Customers Are When your loyal customers are searching for your product or service, you need to know where they are most likely to start their search. Customers expect service on the platform of their choice.