Passwordless is the New Cyber Security

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Passwordless is the New Cyber Security








How often do you hear that a loved one has lost access to their accounts? No, these are not just social media accounts, but bank accounts and other backup accounts that store sensitive information. Scammers and identity thieves sneak up on unsuspecting citizens and take over their accounts with the “simplest” trapdoor, the “password”. An apparently genuine link from your bank in an email or inbox that appears to be from a 100% reliable source and asks for your credentials is just one way for credit thieves to gain access to your professional identity.

Logging into an account from an unknown computer, keylogging software, credential stuffing, and purchased password dumps are just some of the methods used by hackers to gain access to accounts.After a decade of identity theft with keyless phones, driverless cars, unmanned airplanes; A Bosnian-American entrepreneur was finally able to authenticate, log in and sign up. and remote logout really no password. Emir Ceric, business fanatic, entrepreneur and cybersecurity enthusiast, launched Meveto in 2017; only authentication domain without password.

Passwordless authentication is fast becoming the new standard in information security. Passwords are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and are becoming less secure as they can easily be guessed or hacked. To solve this problem, innovators like Emir Ceric have developed Meveto, a passwordless authentication solution that allows users to securely log in and out from any device. Meveto works by assigning each user a unique verification key.

This key is used to securely authenticate each user and ensures only authorized access is granted. The key is stored securely in the cloud so you can easily access it from any device. An extra layer of security is added by requiring users to enter a one-time code every time they log into their account. This code can be sent via SMS, email or push notification.