Proximity Alert System can mitigate risk

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Proximity Alert System can mitigate risk

For several years, workplaces have been adopting the introduction and integration of digital technologies into their processes. Regardless of the size of the operation, the introduction of efficient technologies can have a significant and lasting impact on the safety, profitability and efficiency of the operation. A standalone proximity warning system can significantly reduce risk and increase site safety.

Proximity Alert System is a solution that warns plant operators when someone is in the vicinity of their plant. These alarms can save lives, prevent injuries and accidents, and improve the overall safety of any industrial facility. How does it work? The Proximity Warning System consists of only 2 components: • A sensor/alarm/visual unit fixed or mounted in the machine or lift truck; • A personal badge to be attached to a helmet or worn by employees.

When a worker approaches the machine, the proximity warning system alerts the machine operator that a worker is nearby. Notifications include visual alert “orange or red screen depending on distance”, loud tone/alert and device vibration. employee trailers are self-supporting and will last 2-3 years before needing replacement. The standalone proximity sensor/alarm unit connects to the unit’s power source (hardwired or connected to the door) or operates on a battery that will last at least 24 hours (continuous use) before requiring a recharge.

The Proximity Alarm System requires NO on-site infrastructure, connectivity or installation and each device/sensor acts as a standalone alarm system. This offers a significant advantage over other solutions as it offers maximum flexibility and the ability to deploy the system at different or remote locations. mines & Exploration, Oil & Gas, construction and warehouse buildings are very suitable environments for the proximity alarm system. Since the system can work on almost all types of equipment, forklifts, lifters, excavators, loaders, trucks, excavators, bulldozers, drills and many other types of heavy equipment, it is perfect for using the system.