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Quick Guide to Get Started With WordPress

 Quick Guide to Get Started With WordPress

Mastering WordPress development may seem like a daunting task, but it all comes down to where you start. So I wrote this free article to help you get started. How WordPress Works To understand what and how we can build for WordPress, let’s first take a look at how WordPress works. Core, Themes and Plugins are the three basic components. core code Contains all the basic functions of the WordPress content management system “CMS” such as:

B. the admin backend and features like post scheduling, password strength testing, user creation, etc. Themes are responsible for the frontend and appearance of websites. The theme controls how our posts and pages are displayed to visitors, giving you a lot of control over your website. You can install and activate ready-made themes or go completely outside the box with creative designs. Plugins These are extensions that add additional functionality to your website.

The plugin can modify the backend and/or frontend of the website, for example by adding a tweet button on Twitter.It would most likely install itself in the front-end of the website and create a new settings page in the back-end admin menu where the user’s default tweet preferences can be set. REST API REST API is an interface that allows external applications to access the data and functions of the WordPress CMS.

Without signing up for WordPress, developers can use this tool to integrate WordPress with third-party apps and websites. If you need help, check out the WordPress development services offered by Hybrid Web Agency. Development Areas It is possible to create any of the three basic components listed above.Whatever you want to do with WordPress, I recommend following a clear path in your research. The following list gives you an overview of the systems you need to become familiar with before learning more about your area of ​​interest:

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