Save time on your FTP updates

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Save time on your FTP updates








Anyone who has ever worked with files stored on a remote server via FTP or SFTP knows how tedious this process can be with an everyday FTP client. Even downloading a single file can be tedious when you have to manually connect to a client program and then find the file you need before waiting for each download or upload to complete. These simple, free FTP clients might be fine for one-off tasks, but they quickly become terribly inefficient on a large scale. If you have to check for updates all day long, this is almost impossible with a traditional client.

Automate your workflow Good advice for the modern business is this: if something can be automated, it should be automated.Many technical processes, whether simple or complex, can be automated with modern software solutions. With FTPGetter Professional, FTP and SFTP transfers are now among the tasks that can be automated. At the same time, it provides centralized control over your activities, giving admins the insight and flexibility to change settings as needed.

Setting up a task is a quick and easy wizard-driven process, although advanced users can also create scripts to have even more control over the process. Once configured, the program does its work in the background without any further interaction. Advanced Shell Scripts One of the most common misconceptions about automation is that it doesn’t apply to complex tasks. With today’s powerful scripting solutions, that’s usually no longer the case. FTPGetter Professional has an integrated shell scripting tool that allows administrators to write rules for complex tasks.

Just write a few lines of simple code and the program doesn’t require any further interaction unless you want to change the processes. For example, you can write a script to consolidate all files from a remote server into a compressed archive and then download them.This not only saves time, but also bandwidth!