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 Solution to All Network Problems











Communication is the only thing that keeps everything in this world in place. It can happen between people or between computers, but without good communication, the exchange of information cannot take place. To enable such communication, we use copper cables such as twisted pair, coaxial cable, etc. in telecommunications or networks. However, the technology is subject to change.With change comes opportunities for growth, as we saw with fiber optic cables leading to a major shift in connectivity.

Communication over fiber optic cables is transparent, secure and faster than ever. What is fiber optic cable? This is a cable containing glass or plastic fibers in an insulated tube that transmits information in the form of light pulses. These fiber strands are called the core, which in turn is surrounded by a glass tube, the cladding.

Thanks to the phenomenon of internal reflection in the glass tube, the data is safely stored until the end of the tube. Depending on the number of fibers in the cable, fiber optic cables can be divided into two types: singlemode cables and multimode cables. These cables have a higher capacity; That is, the ability to transmit an enormous amount of information, even over long distances. It is widely used in computer networks, the Internet, cable television, and telephone systems.

What are fiber optic cables used for? Optical fibers transmit data in the form of light pulses through glass or plastic fibers; that are as thick as a human hair but can carry terabytes of information over very long distances with little to no data loss. We know that light travels very quickly, so information from a laser device moving along the cable is processed as light particles and converted back into data by the computer at the receiving end.