Streamline Your Disk Partition Management

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Streamline Your Disk Partition Management

With the BootIt tools collection, you can simplify disk and storage management without having to use separate third-party applications to perform tasks. This saves your IT team valuable time and allows you to focus on your most important needs and customer relationships while many everyday issues are processed in the background. BootIt Collection can recreate and change partition information.

This feature is useful for troubleshooting partition tables used to determine how space is allocated. There are two ways to use this feature.You can rebuild partition tables that correct wrong or corrupted information in MBR or GPT of disk. If you have partition table problem, you should use this function first. You can also change partition tables after you’ve tried to rebuild MBR or GPT and still have trouble booting Windows, Linux (or any other operating system) or need to resize existing partitions.

Disk management may be easy, but not everyone has the time or inclination to delve into it. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information available about disk management and how to use it, the BootIt Collection is for you! BootIt Bare Metal is a boot manager that can install and boot multiple operating systems from hard drive partitions without affecting existing data and the operating system.

BootIt Bare Metal supports up to 64 disk partitions, with no limit on the number of installed or active operating systems. The graphical user interface has been completely redesigned for a better user experience and navigation. Now all functions are displayed in an easy to understand way, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. BootIt UEFI is a boot manager that can boot from UEFI-based systems.Thus, you get the most powerful disk management tool to partition, copy and format disk on the latest computers.