The Challenge Made Question My Sanity!

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The Challenge  Made  Question My Sanity!

Have you ever been working or studying and your brain suddenly went on a crazy journey? One moment you’re wondering if you turned off the gas, and the next you’re pondering a mystery from years ago. So ZAP! Five minutes later, you return to reality. Damn!It’s not just me, is it? I can’t believe my 100 day program focused on a distracted puppy. One day I woke up and I was like, “Hey! I want to be a software developer!

So began my epic 100 day programming journey.”But you know what they say: dreams can be tricky, kids! On the tenth day I was like a penguin lost in the desert. I thought, “Okay, maybe I won’t be a software engineer, but I can still be a bit of an engineer, right?” I haven’t given up yet, oh no! I just adjusted my expectations a bit.Lol And then day 20 came.

That’s when I saw the light of day: “You know what? Maybe I don’t need to be a software engineer. I can just hang out with them and explore their secret ways!” In that moment, I thought in my head, “Um, this isn’t for me.” If you’re just starting to learn to program, I’m not here to screw up your programming parade. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite! I’m just here to give you a taste of how real it can be.

My Action Plan: I’ve always been interested in programming and all the amazing things it can do. On social networks, many people shared the information that they learned to program in just 100 days, which interested me. I made the decision to start this software engineering journey and learn the basics in 100 days. It’s a big goal, but I’m willing to work hard and see where this adventure takes me.