The Next Steps to Build Your Network

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The Next Steps to Build Your Network








You come back from a conference with a stack of business cards from people you’ve met. And now? Don’t leave them sitting in the corner of your desk until next year. It’s time to start developing and building relationships with new members of your network. A quick “nice to meet you” or “nice to see you”; Email gets you in the right direction by building a relationship with your contact.

The next step is to focus on giving. What do the members of your network need? Information? Links? According to the law of reciprocity, if you give someone something, they will usually give you more than you gave them.Giving the first elements presents you as an enrichment. What do you have to offer? Try 4’s: Information, Presentation, Invitations and Interaction. Information Share relevant or useful information with someone in your network every day.

You may have read an article or blog post related to this person’s work.Sharing helpful information is one of the easiest ways to let a colleague know you’re thinking of them. This can lead to a deeper conversation about the topic you just sent her and gives you a chance to grow your relationship. Introduction Introduce two people in your group who do not know each other but have common interests (these can be professional or personal interests).

If you don’t want to introduce yourself, ask each person if they would like to be introduced. Chances are good as many other people with common interests want to meet and expand their networks. Invitations – If you are sponsoring an event/webinar or attending an event that you think a colleague might enjoy, invite them, especially if the event is related to their business or industry . Make it a win-win situation where your colleague can gain new knowledge or new leads thanks to you.