Top 5 WooCommerce payment gateways

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Top 5 WooCommerce payment gateways



In the digital age, it is crucial to keep up with the latest technological trends. And e-commerce is no exception to this rule. As payment technology evolves every year, new advanced features are almost inseparable from a seamless e-commerce experience. As a result, the average online shop now has at least one payment gateway that simplifies the purchasing process. And with most websites running on WordPress, WooCommerce payment gateways are occupying a huge niche in modern ecommerce.

As a powerful tool to facilitate customer service and streamline the buying process, WooCommerce payment gateways seem to be the most popular. In short, a payment gateway is a merchant service that helps merchants process electronic financial transactions. The payment gateway is mainly used in online shops, but is also suitable for stationary shops that accept credit card or e-wallet payments in addition to cash. The working principle of each payment gateway is more or less the same. Retrieves the buyer’s payment information and sends it to the issuing bank, which approves the payment.

The payment amount is then debited from the buyer’s account and then transferred to the seller’s bank account. When choosing the best WooCommerce payment gateway for your online store, it can help to understand the different types of payment gateways: iFrame-based payment gateways These are payment gateways that allow buyers to make a purchase to be transacted directly through the dealer’s website.

The iFrame-based payment gateway generates a payment form on the website, so consumers don’t need to visit an external website to complete the transaction. Form-based payment gateways Unlike iFrame-based payment gateways, form-based payment gateways redirect the buyer to an external website when completing a transaction. In this way, consumers are redirected to another page.All security issues are completely taken over by the service provider.