Why Use A Hosted Desktop

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Why Use A Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktops are the perfect solution for business owners who want someone else to manage their IT infrastructure. What is that? Hosting is basically hosting your regular operating system and desktop on a central server, typically a data center with thousands of other servers. This means that all information is stored and maintained locally. Users receive credentials that allow them to access the desktop anywhere there is an Internet connection.

This puts the responsibility for updates, software crashes, antivirus and security issues on the hosting company. This offers the company the advantage of not having to purchase expensive servers or desktop software as these are provided by the hosted company, resulting in less downtime for the entire company. Safe The data centers where the servers are located are fully air-conditioned and have an emergency power supply to ensure the availability of important documents and office applications.

Connections must have 128-bit data encryption (similar to online banking) and connection varies by provider. The systems are protected against natural disasters and theft. messaging systems are carefully monitored and every email is analyzed before it reaches the recipient’s workstation. Ease of Maintenance Perhaps the biggest benefit a business owner has over more conventional client/server methods is that the setup is easy to maintain. The hosting company is responsible for keeping the system functional.

Adding more members is easy. All you need is a client workstation and a monitor, and the host does the rest. One of the main advantages of a hosted desktop solution is the mobile client. You do not have to register for a Slow Response workshop, but all information will be made available upon request wherever you can register. It also protects the user from data theft or loss as the data is stored on the desktop. Just swap out the hardware and have peace of mind.