Why Use StumbleUpon For Your Business

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Why Use StumbleUpon For Your Business


If you, like many entrepreneurs, are familiar with social media as a business building strategy. You can also join various social networks or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a good start. However, StumbleUpon is an often overlooked and potentially more powerful social networking site. It offers entrepreneurs many unique benefits that other social networking sites don’t offer.

StumbleUpon is used to drive traffic to your website. Yes, you can post links on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. However, StumbleUpon is also a bookmarking site. This means that if you rate or comment on a website, a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” is permanent and not only becomes part of your profile, but also part of the profile of the people who subscribe to your profile. It has the power to multiply traffic and generate links to your website. StumbleUpon has much better privacy policies and restrictions.

You probably know that Facebook is a privacy nightmare. While it’s still a great tool for building a business, many people are leaving Facebook because of how they treat privacy, or rather, because they don’t treat their privacy. Nothing is private on Facebook. Spam and hackers are also a common problem for many social networking sites. StumbleUpon lets you share reviews on your site. What if you could bookmark a page, even a page on your website, and post it to your Facebook and Twitter profiles?

Pretty cool right? StumbleUpon lets you share reviews and customize your posts so you can add content before or after linking. You can also share email addresses. StumbleUpon makes interaction easier. With a quick download of the toolbar to your web browser, you can grow your business while you surf the web. You might trip while sitting in a coffee shop watching TV. The toolbar is available directly in the browser.