Why Your Business Needs a Network Audit

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Why Your Business Needs a Network Audit

Your computer systems, network and software are critical to the success of your business. If your network goes down, your business goes down too. Regardless of the economy, the success of your business depends on the health of your computer network. Most networks are not installed entirely within a company, but built and built over a period of time. In the beginning, several desktop computers were introduced in the office and over time the systems have been expanded until today every office has a personal computer or a laptop.

As the business grew, a mix of wired and wireless systems, hubs, routers, switches and servers were installed. Perhaps the telephone systems have even been improved over time. Somehow everything works, but there may be bottlenecks or nodes that are slowing down the performance of your network and maybe just waiting for everything to grind to a halt. A network audit analyzes your company’s entire network infrastructure to determine the condition of your network.

A network audit provides the business owner with detailed information about the health of the network’s hardware, software and security.The information documented during the audit ensures the identification and status of: software and software versions licenses data backup routers and repeaters; Switches Security Applications Firewall Features Virus & Spam Protection Processors RAM (Memory) System Performance VoIP Features Hard Drives & Equipment Emergency Power Supply Broken Equipment Equipment & Software Inventory With the information from a professional audit, you can investigate future problems and take corrective action now.

The business owner can improve system reliability by implementing better security, replacing hardware, or installing software updates. state and federal governments pass new security regulations for enterprise network systems. The audit will identify areas of non-compliance. The protection of personal data is of paramount importance for authorities that maintain electronic medical records (EMR) or tax forms.